Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing requires a herd.

In 2017 four female CEOs published an article that personified companies built on disruption, exponential growth, quantity, and resource-hoarding as unicorns.

These “unicorns” are companies that are focused on building an empire of wealth, growth, and power. Unicorns seek to hold on to and acquire as many of these resources as possible. That sounds great for the individual business, but unicorns acquire those resources by taking them from their surroundings.

Unicorn companies are centrally-focused and care not what about the conditions of people in the community.

What stands against the unicorn? 

The zebra.

Unlike unicorns, zebras are real. Zebras are profitable and improve society. They are both black and white: they are profitable and build their community. They refuse to sacrifice each other and find their strength in numbers. Zebras band together for protection and preservation. They believe in strong collective output. Zebra companies are built on sustainable methods, shared prosperity, and a focus on benefiting not only clients, but the community. They are focused on providing quality rather than quantity. We believe in providing value for clients and their communities. At Zebra Marketing & SEO we don’t waste your time and money with gimmicks or facades. We believe your business can make a difference with PPC, SEO social media, and reputation management. Zebra Marketing & SEO is a community impact marketing group. We believe in honest, sustainable marketing.

Zebra Values

Sustainable Marketing Guides Us Forward.


We increase your business’ value by creating effective marketing channels and exponentially increasing your ROI


Marketing requires creativity and Zebra creates unique and sustainable marketing strategies that grow your business.


We make sure that the community’s best interest is considered before profit.


Zebra increases the value of your business by establishing your goals, creating effective marketing strategies.

Sustainable Marketing in Action

Zebra Marketing & SEO is founded on principles of faith. We stand for protecting and lifting up the disadvantaged, oppressed, and marginalized in society. One of Zebra’s pillars is based off of this passage, ‘”Each one [of you] will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.”’

We believe that those who believe and follow God are tasked with providing for those who cannot provide for themselves. Zebra was started as a leap of faith in the belief that God provides for those who faithfully serve and do good things for other people. 

As a result, Zebra Marketing & SEO saves an hour of pro-bono work for new small businesses and non-profits for every $1,000 spent with Zebra Marketing & SEO. For example, if you spend $2,000/month with Zebra, you’re also giving 2 hours of free work to help your community each month. This idea is a manifestation of our belief that communities thrive as a herd. We find our strength in our numbers and when one succeeds, we all succeed.

Zebra Marketing Soup Kitchen

Google dominates the search engine market, maintaining an 87.35 percent market share as of January 2020.